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HIRT swiss descending windows can be found in private houses and business premises all over the globe. At the push of a button, HIRT swiss descending windows slide downward and open up the room in an unforgettable way. Descending windows are essentially “retractable windows” and are the ideal solution wherever indoor and outdoor spaces blend together – in the living room, for the pool house and the garage, or in event spaces. Descending windows can easily withstand extreme climatic conditions and have proven their worth in the harshest weather conditions.

After 15 years of fruitful collaboration and after having become absolutely confident of the uniqueness of the descending windows system, our CEO Martin Kollegger decided in 2016 to become associate at the foundation of HIRT swiss descending windows. He also joined the governing board. We are looking forward to conjointly realize numerous exciting descending windows projects for exceptional customers in the future.

Kollegger Metallbau did realize many of these sophisticated descending windows projects all over the world.
Find more information and detailed descriptions of the individual solutions for retractable glass facades in our brochure.

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With the realisation of high-quality metal glass constructions and descending windows, we offer individual solutions instead of off-the-shelf products. From Moscow to Texas, from the Bermudas or Doha to Vienna – our customers come from all over the world.

Magic glass facades: If required, the descending windows from HIRT swiss descending windows disappear completely into the floor within seconds. Hence, every room offers a one-of-a-kind open-air feeling. Some of our unique projects are presented below.


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